Fit Details:

Lite Fit:

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Standard Bike Fit:
A standard bike fit session is typically 4 hours. 
Fit sessions can take longer, based on individual challenges faced, work and changes required.

The fit process includes:

  • Riding and injury history interview
  • Functional assessment of your stability, range of motion and motor recruitment
  • On bike assessment to establish areas that compromise performance or increase the risk towards injury
  • Comprehensive shoe foot correction consisting of: cleat positioning, cleat rotational angle, fitting of corrective insoles, cleat wedges, heel wedges, in-shoe wedges and cleat shims on an ‘as required’ basis using patented neurological testing to confirm an optimal result
  • Changes to position and equipment as required
  • Email summary of the outcome of your session and a record of the changes to your position
  • A 30 minute follow-up session within 12-16* weeks from date of your fit

Fit Fees & Time & Location (in Singapore):

  • Fee: SGD600 (one bike and one pair of shoes)
  • A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking
  • Price is exclusive of parts and mechanical work, except as identified below
  • Balance of fee is payable at conclusion of the bike fit

Fit Adaptation Period:

Following your fit session, you will need to ensure you allow for a 3* week fit adaptation period.  This is to allow your body to adjust to your new setup. This fit adaption is required to maximise the outcome of your fit session.

  • During this time, you will need to ride 3-4 times per week, over a 3 week period and at 70-75% of your maximum heart rate. 
  • Please talk to me should your competitive season be impacted by following the post fit adaption period 

* The 3 week adaption period may take longer based on time available to ride.



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