Fit Details:
A bike fit session is typically 4 hours. 
Fit sessions can take longer, based on work and changes required

The fit process is inclusive of:

  • Thorough riding and injury history interview
  • Detailed functional assessment of stability, range of motion and motor recruitment
  • On bike assessment to establish areas which compromise performance, or increase the risk towards injury
  • Comprehensive cycling shoe foot correction consisting of: cleat positioning, cleat rotational angle, fitting of corrective insoles, cleat wedges, heel wedges, in shoe wedges and cleat shims on an ‘as required’ basis with patented neurological testing to confirm optimal result
  • Changes to position and equipment as required
  • Detailed report containing a record of the changes to your position, suggested reading, remedial to-do list for functional issues during fitting, educational information, referrals to health professionals if needed
  • Detailed explanations at each step as to what is happening and why and any other measures that are necessary to ensure optimal results
  • A brief check up session within 8-12* weeks from date of your fit

Standard Bike Fit Fee:

This covers you with one bike and one pair of shoes
A 50% deposit is required with all bookings
Price is exclusive of parts

Consultation Fees

Consultations are available to existing clients, charged at a minimum of one hour's booking, there after billed in 30 minute blocks. 

Terms of Booking:
It is likely that you will need some changes to your equipment to gain an ideal position. If equipment changes are necessary, they are required to ensure that you leave my studio in the best possible position for you - being restricted by working within the parameters of existing equipment and parts simply doesn't work, hence changes are required and are mandatory.

Should you decline to make the necessary equipment changes, the fit session will stop and your bike, cleat position etc will be returned to your pre fit session settings.  You will incur a charge of 50% of the standard fitting fee (your booking deposit).



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