About Toby:

Toby comes from an active background in rugby, skiing, windsurfing and age group triathlon - each providing him with a multitude of injuries, largely caused by over training!   His first-hand experience with injury and rehabilitation unleashed a passion for all things relating to movement; he is also a qualified Pilates instructor.

Toby has over 9 years of bike fitting experience and is a Steve Hogg certified fitter, encompassing the very detailed methodologies and practices developed by Steve Hogg that are a step ahead of mainstream systems.

Toby is all about finding answers; his focus is on discovering the small increments that enable an athlete to define new boundaries or to determine the boundary between success and failure and enhance comfort and enjoyment.  His assessment of the athlete and the equipment is from all perspectives. Toby does not just mechanically fit a body to a bike, rather he takes a holistic approach encompassing all aspects of the athlete, their body and the equipment.

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