Additional Information:

Any cancellations 7 calendar days prior to your confirmed booking date, or no-shows will result in the loss of your deposit.

Can I ride my bike before I fit session?
No - it is best you are not fatigued as you will be riding during the fit

Follow Up Session:
A brief 15-20 minute check up session is included as part of your initial fit and is conducted within 8-12* weeks from fit date – this allows me to check how you are adapting to your new position.

* For UAE and New Zealandclients your check-up session is worked around my travel schedule so flexibility is required
This follow up session expires 4 months from date of initial fit appointment.

Any additional work requested outside of your follow up session will be charged at a consultation rate. 

Consultation Services and Fees:
Consultations services are available to existing fit clients (those whom have had a fit).
Consults sessions are charged at AED550/per hour with a minimum of one hour’s booking, there after billed in 30 minute increments at AED275/per 30 minutes.

Fit Duration:
Please allow 4-5 hours, it is possible that your session could take longer pending work and changes required.

Mechanical Works
Mechanical works are not included in your bike fit.

Session Reminder:
A confirmation email and reminder will be sent at time of your booking
Please ensure you respond to the confirmation email to confirm.

Email Support:
I will endeavour to answer all email enquiries in a timely manner.  However, flexibility is required when I am travelling.  As a rule of thumb I aim to keep email support within working hours.

Warranty issues from parts purchased at time of your fit are the responsibility the purchaser.

Wear and Tear:

  • If your cleats or shoes are worn beyond the point where it impacts on performance, I will insist on replacing them.
  • If repositioning of brake levers or adjustment of handlebar angle is necessary and your bar tape is affected by these changes, you may be required to replace your bar tape.
  • Should we make changes to stem, bars, saddles, posts, chain set and other items it is possible some parts may require ordering and fitting and your bike will need to be booked in for this work at your local bike shop.
  • I will make every effort to ensure your bike is ready to ride when you leave.
  • Please note; regardless of any changes made it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your bike is safe to ride before you ride it.




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