Can I ride my bike before I fit session?
No - it is best you are not fatigued as you will be riding during the fit session.

Can I ride my bike to the fit session?
For hygiene purposes, no.

How long does a fit session take?
Please allow up to 4-5 hours.
Your fit session could take longer pending work and changes required.

What do I bring?
Prior to your fit an email reminder will be sent with a list of items you need to bring to your session.

What do I wear to the fit?
Your normal cycling gear (clean please).
Ladies need to wear a crop top, or athletic sports bra beneath your cycling jersey as I may need to see your spine as possible.
Guys are welcome to wear crop tops of sports bra’s, but please no Speedo’s…..


What if I have two bikes?
Consultation fees will apply for additional bikes, please email Toby the details to discuss.

What if I have two pairs of shoes?
Duplicating cleat position and foot correction on second or additional pair of shoes at the time of your bike fit session is charged as an additional set consultation fee (per pair) at:

For multiple pairs of shoes
, please email Toby the details to discuss.

Fit Adaptation Period:
Following your fit session, you will need to ensure you allow for a 4* week fit adaptation period.
During this time you will need to ride 3-4 times per week, over a 4 week period and at 70-75% of your maximum heart rate.
This fit adaption is required to maximise the outcome and changes made from your fit session.
Please talk to me should your competitive season be impacted by following the post fit adaption period

* The 4 week adaption period can take longer pending available time to ride.

A post fit guideline document will be emailed to you after your fit session.


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