A Guaranteed Result:

The only part of the process every Standard fit does have is a guarantee that no other fitting service will offer – your money back if you do not see an improvement in your comfort and efficiency on the bike after three months of riding in your new position. Remember:



After I have fitted you, you will need to allow your body to adapt to the new position as per the fit adaption period.  During this time, please follow any post fit recommendations.  You may return for a subsequent positional check (your follow up session) to make sure that the new motor patterns have “taken” well and your body is functioning as expected.

During this follow up we will address any issues that have come about as your function changes.  If, after re-assessing and re-adjustments (possibly over multiple sessions), you are unsatisfied and/or your issues remain unsolved BikeFit Asia will refund your fit costs (not inclusive of parts, components and mechanics fees) and return your bike to its original position.  I* make this offer to our clients in an effort to demonstrate integrity ensure the highest standard of result every time. * All Steve Hogg approved fitters offer a money back guarantee.

* All Steve Hogg approved fitters offer a money back guarantee

BikeFit Asia's fit guarantee is only applicable to the Standard Fit

This guarantee expires after 3 months from date if fit and is applicable to all fits conducted after 31st March 2015




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