Terms of Booking:
The purpose of my Terms of Booking is to assist and protect you, and to make sure no stone is left unturned.  Over 80% of my clients come to me having already had a bike fit, and on occasions, more than one!

A possible outcome from your fit session could be that you may need to make some changes to your parts and equipment* to gain your ideal position.  Change can be daunting, yet I assure all my clients that I will only make the recommendations for change(s) if they are necessary, rest assured this is for your benefit and ensure you leave my studio in the best possible position.

If I am restricted to work within the parameters of existing equipment and parts, then I am not able to offer you the service you have invested in.

In the rare event that a client is not comfortable with the recommended changes and chooses to not to proceed with their fit session, this will limit my ability to get the position 100%, the fit session will not continue: bike, cleat position etc will be returned to the pre-fit settings.  I will retain the booking deposit to cover time spent.

*equipment refers to items of: cleats, pedals, pedal accessories, stems, seat posts, saddles, crankset, aerobar extensions, base bar, handlebars, shoe inserts/orthotics and shoes.

You are unique and therefore, every bike fit solution is unique

Equipment Changes:
As mentioned in the terms of booking, there may be some changes to your parts and equipment required during your fit session.  I will only make recommendations for change(s) if they are absolutely necessary, and rest assured this is for your benefit and ensure you leave the studio in your optimal position.

As we make our way through the fit process, I will explain any changes that are required and parts will be used from BikeFit Asia's stock on hand to ensure you can leave with your new set up on the day of your fit. 

If you wish to source the required items independently elsewhere, we will need to put a hold on your fit until they are sourced, and then re-book the remainder of your session at another time.  An additional consult fee will apply for this setup appointment.

In the event of equipment* changes, parts required will be installed from BikeFit Asia’s stock on hand.  Should you choose to source the required items independently, the session will put on hold and you will need to re-book an additional consultation to finalise your bike set up (which will incur a consultation fee).  Should parts need to be ordered and sourced by BikeFit Asia, the subsequent consultation fee does not apply. 

Consultations are charged at S$1 per hour with a minimum of one hour’s booking, there after billed in 30 minute increments.


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