Terms of Booking:

The purpose of my Terms of Booking is to assist and protect you, and to make sure no stone is left unturned.  Over 80% of my clients come to me having already had a bike fit, and on occasions, more than one!

A possible outcome from your fit session could be that you may need to make some changes to your parts and equipment* to gain your ideal position.  Change can be daunting, yet I assure all my clients that I will only make the recommendations for change(s) if they are necessary, rest assured this is for your benefit and ensure you leave my studio in the best possible position.

If I am restricted to work within the parameters of existing equipment and parts, then I am not able to offer you the service you have invested in.

In the rare event that a client is not comfortable with the recommended changes and chooses to not to proceed with their fit session, this will limit my ability to get the position 100%, the fit session will not continue: bike, cleat position etc will be returned to the pre-fit settings.  I will retain the booking deposit to cover time spent.

*equipment refers to items of: cleats, pedals, pedal accessories, stems, seat posts, saddles, crankset, aerobar extensions, base bar, handlebars, shoe inserts/orthotics and shoes.

You are unique and therefore, every bike fit solution is unique


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