Hamish Schreurs

I saw Toby for the first time in 2016 after a good season in Europe with Etixx development team and a stagaire with Etix Quickstep.

I had some problems with my left hip and hamstring and had tried physio for years and this hadn't improved. 

Toby had a look over my position on the bike and critiqued my set up, talking me through the process the whole way and explaining the reasons for the changes.

The biggest change was making a wider axel on my left side freeing up my left hip and ham string and activating my glutes.

My first ride on this set up was a foreign feeling with my leg feeling free and able to move but it was great.

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Donna McWilliams

Words can not express how amazing my bike fit was from Toby jones of BikeFit Asia or as I refer to him, the bike whisperer.
I’m a plodder and find it tough out there.  I was having severe foot pain on long rides.
Once I’d finished with Toby I became an Ironman (180km Bike) with zero pain on the bike.  
It’s a miricale!!!
Thank you bike whisperer 


Eddie McLean

After 40 years cycling I had a my first bike fitting back in 2006 with Steve Hogg when he visited Singapore - what a difference that made, no more back pain, no more discomfort.

Ten years later in 2016, after knee surgery, some minor injuries and multiple other issues, discomfort crept back in and I knew I had to see Steve again. But he was in Australia and I was in Singapore, That’s when I found Toby at BikeFitAsia through Steve’s website. I couldn’t believe my luck, I had found a bike fitter in Singapore trained and recommended by Steve.

After an intensive afternoon’s session with Toby I rode away feeling I was on a different bike and initially unsure of the changes he made – however after a few days riding I had that big grin back on my face – my lower back pain was gone.

So when I decided to have a new frame built by Owen Byrne at Donard Bikes I went back to Toby to assist in getting the correct measurements and he and Steve communicated directly with Owen in finalizing the frame dimensions thus avoiding the risk of miscommunication through me. This bike fits like a glove. I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Toby


Sean Joyce

Over the years throughout my racing career racing nationally and internationally in Europe I've had many set ups. All of the people doing them would say I had different problems and made fairly big changes which at first seemed fine but would lead me to having more problems than what I've had before. I have an asymmetry in my body but everyone believed it wouldn’t be a factor on the bike. But it resulted in me being diagnosed with iliac endofibrosis because I didn’t sit square on the saddle. Every time problems arose, I would resort to making my own changes which were more comfortable than these 'professional' bike fits but still had the occasional niggles here and there that always played on my mind.

Photo courtesy of  Roland Pipeleers

Photo courtesy of Roland Pipeleers

Late 2016, still suffering from some bike fit issues I had the chance to see Toby for a bike fit. I had read a lot of good things about the techniques which Toby uses when he does a bike fit and what the benefits were once your body had 'reset' and fully adapted to the new fit. Everything he did during the fit was completely different and more advanced to what I was used to having in a bike fit. But was thoroughly explained and made complete sense. I had an open mind to all the changes he made and even though it felt foreign during the settling in period I started to notice that I was feeling right at home on my bike. More relaxed, more fluid, more power.

His skills, communication and willingness to help you is second to none even long after the fit is over.  I would recommend any cyclist of any ability, casual through to professional, to see Toby for a session regardless of issues or not.

Rob Relton

After trying the usual 'off the peg' bike fits and tinkering myself, I just got on with the niggles as cycling is all about suffering right? This was before I had a proper fit. Enter stage left, Toby Jones. 

Now let me first say that it took me about 10 months to reach a decision. I thought it looked expensive and wouldn't be much better than the others fits I'd had. So I did a bit of research, asked around and spoke to some guys that had been fitted. 

Fast forward, all my shoes are now dialled in, as well as road bikes and TT bike. What Toby offers is a bespoke fitting, specifically tailored to you. His attention to detail is incredible and he treats you like his # 1 customer. The BikeFit Asia makes the statement/promise  comfort + efficiency =  performance. As far as I am concerned, Toby delivered on all fronts.

I wish I hadn't waited so long and he's probably worth double the money. Only word of caution I'd add is that if your a racer, try and do the fit at the end of a season so you have plenty of time to adjust to any new setting before hard training

Emma Herde

I visited Toby in July 2016 suffering significant hip and lower back pain both on and off my road bike.  Toby suggested a number of changes to both my position and equipment.  What I appreciated the most was the time and effort taken to explain the rationale behind the changes.  The new position took a few weeks to adjust to, but the pain has gone.


Additionally, after 7 years of being frustrated with increased effort not resulting in any significant improvement in ability to climb or increase my speed/stamina on the flat, I have been thrilled with the increased efficiency of the new position.  As a result, I then asked Toby to help me with my TT setup in September 2016.  He helped me to purchase and fit a new bike, and the results speak for themselves – pain free and picking up places in my local triathlons!

Most importantly, I am really enjoying my cycling, so I would encourage you to make the same investment!



Andrew Deane

I’ve been cycling competitively for nearly 25 years and hadn’t changed my position on the bike for the last 15 – thinking if it wasn’t broken don’t try to fix or change it.  Then a few months back, following 2 weeks of intense training, I started experiencing a lot of pain in my knee and through my physio was referred to Toby for a fit.


All I can say is forget what you think you know about bike fitting and try it!  Toby is unlike any generic bike shop fit you will find.  He is incredibly focussed and thorough and better than that he listens to and processes your feedback – rather than telling you what he thinks you should be feeling or doing. 

Whilst it took a little time to get used to my new position, I’ve remained injury free, increased my weekly mileage even more than before and can honestly say that my efficiency on the bike has improved meaning my power isn’t wasted as it would appear to have been before.  Since my first fitting with Toby I’ve built up a second road bike with him and used his bike buying service to purchase and build a TT bike.  The latter I cannot recommend highly enough. 

Toby went through pages and pages of frame options for me before suggesting the ideal options across a broad price bracket – and he would not let me order anything until he was certain of all measurements; he even helped me find my preferred frame through a distributor in Indonesia when I couldn’t source it in America or Europe.  My advice – get a proper fit and start enjoying the magnificence of cycling.

Colin Hill

"it's the 1%er's that make the difference"
After 2 years of successfully competing at various IM 70.3 races throughout the Asia-Pacific a trip to Hawaii 70.3 left me in awe of the Queen K highway and the mystic of the Big Island. It was time to step up to the Big One in pursuit of the holy grail of triathlon....Kona.

A step up? More like a giant leap! The question was " how to qualify for Kona?"

More laps in the pool? More hours on the saddle? More miles in the legs? Sure but long hours of training is what we all buy into when we sign on the dotted line for IM. But what separates the few from the many? The qualifiers from the also rans?

"It's the 1%er's that make the difference".....the best piece of advice I was given.
There is no one magical answer but a multitude of many small adaptations and improvements to your training that have to come together (with a good dose of lady luck) when you step upto the start line of your chosen IM attempting to live the dream that is Kona.

I will share the biggest 1%er with you. Its one of the easiest things we can all do but so few ever do?
What proportion of any race do you typically spend in the saddle? 50%? For that reason alone most of us are enticed to drop $0000's on the latest aerodynamic bikes and wheels, plus a plethora of gadgets and gizmos to make us go faster. But how many of us learn how to harness and enhance our potential power to get the best out of the bike? For a fraction of the cost of that new carbon or titanium speed machine we can become more effective and efficient cyclists by getting a bike fit from a professional. The best bang for buck investment to make yourself a more accomplished cyclist

The dream became reality for me at my first IM (who said it can never be done?) and 6 months later as I stepped into the azure waters of Kahula Bay my friend, guru and bike fitter, Toby, reminded me of that of the priceless piece of advice he had given...."it's the 1%er's that make the difference".

And as for the other 1%er's? Well...you didn't think I would give you all of them did you? See you out there

Colin Hill
British Middle Distance Championship AG Runner Up
Ironman 70.3 World Championship 1 x Top 10 AG finisher
Ironman 70.3 World Championship 3 x Top 20 AG finisher
Ironman World Championship Top 30 AG finisher