Andrew Deane

I’ve been cycling competitively for nearly 25 years and hadn’t changed my position on the bike for the last 15 – thinking if it wasn’t broken don’t try to fix or change it.  Then a few months back, following 2 weeks of intense training, I started experiencing a lot of pain in my knee and through my physio was referred to Toby for a fit.


All I can say is forget what you think you know about bike fitting and try it!  Toby is unlike any generic bike shop fit you will find.  He is incredibly focussed and thorough and better than that he listens to and processes your feedback – rather than telling you what he thinks you should be feeling or doing. 

Whilst it took a little time to get used to my new position, I’ve remained injury free, increased my weekly mileage even more than before and can honestly say that my efficiency on the bike has improved meaning my power isn’t wasted as it would appear to have been before.  Since my first fitting with Toby I’ve built up a second road bike with him and used his bike buying service to purchase and build a TT bike.  The latter I cannot recommend highly enough. 

Toby went through pages and pages of frame options for me before suggesting the ideal options across a broad price bracket – and he would not let me order anything until he was certain of all measurements; he even helped me find my preferred frame through a distributor in Indonesia when I couldn’t source it in America or Europe.  My advice – get a proper fit and start enjoying the magnificence of cycling.