Colin Hill

"it's the 1%er's that make the difference"
After 2 years of successfully competing at various IM 70.3 races throughout the Asia-Pacific a trip to Hawaii 70.3 left me in awe of the Queen K highway and the mystic of the Big Island. It was time to step up to the Big One in pursuit of the holy grail of triathlon....Kona.

A step up? More like a giant leap! The question was " how to qualify for Kona?"

More laps in the pool? More hours on the saddle? More miles in the legs? Sure but long hours of training is what we all buy into when we sign on the dotted line for IM. But what separates the few from the many? The qualifiers from the also rans?

"It's the 1%er's that make the difference".....the best piece of advice I was given.
There is no one magical answer but a multitude of many small adaptations and improvements to your training that have to come together (with a good dose of lady luck) when you step upto the start line of your chosen IM attempting to live the dream that is Kona.

I will share the biggest 1%er with you. Its one of the easiest things we can all do but so few ever do?
What proportion of any race do you typically spend in the saddle? 50%? For that reason alone most of us are enticed to drop $0000's on the latest aerodynamic bikes and wheels, plus a plethora of gadgets and gizmos to make us go faster. But how many of us learn how to harness and enhance our potential power to get the best out of the bike? For a fraction of the cost of that new carbon or titanium speed machine we can become more effective and efficient cyclists by getting a bike fit from a professional. The best bang for buck investment to make yourself a more accomplished cyclist

The dream became reality for me at my first IM (who said it can never be done?) and 6 months later as I stepped into the azure waters of Kahula Bay my friend, guru and bike fitter, Toby, reminded me of that of the priceless piece of advice he had given...."it's the 1%er's that make the difference".

And as for the other 1%er's? didn't think I would give you all of them did you? See you out there

Colin Hill
British Middle Distance Championship AG Runner Up
Ironman 70.3 World Championship 1 x Top 10 AG finisher
Ironman 70.3 World Championship 3 x Top 20 AG finisher
Ironman World Championship Top 30 AG finisher