Emma Herde

I visited Toby in July 2016 suffering significant hip and lower back pain both on and off my road bike.  Toby suggested a number of changes to both my position and equipment.  What I appreciated the most was the time and effort taken to explain the rationale behind the changes.  The new position took a few weeks to adjust to, but the pain has gone.


Additionally, after 7 years of being frustrated with increased effort not resulting in any significant improvement in ability to climb or increase my speed/stamina on the flat, I have been thrilled with the increased efficiency of the new position.  As a result, I then asked Toby to help me with my TT setup in September 2016.  He helped me to purchase and fit a new bike, and the results speak for themselves – pain free and picking up places in my local triathlons!

Most importantly, I am really enjoying my cycling, so I would encourage you to make the same investment!