Rob Relton

After trying the usual 'off the peg' bike fits and tinkering myself, I just got on with the niggles as cycling is all about suffering right? This was before I had a proper fit. Enter stage left, Toby Jones. 

Now let me first say that it took me about 10 months to reach a decision. I thought it looked expensive and wouldn't be much better than the others fits I'd had. So I did a bit of research, asked around and spoke to some guys that had been fitted. 

Fast forward, all my shoes are now dialled in, as well as road bikes and TT bike. What Toby offers is a bespoke fitting, specifically tailored to you. His attention to detail is incredible and he treats you like his # 1 customer. The BikeFit Asia makes the statement/promise  comfort + efficiency =  performance. As far as I am concerned, Toby delivered on all fronts.

I wish I hadn't waited so long and he's probably worth double the money. Only word of caution I'd add is that if your a racer, try and do the fit at the end of a season so you have plenty of time to adjust to any new setting before hard training