Sean Joyce

Over the years throughout my racing career racing nationally and internationally in Europe I've had many set ups. All of the people doing them would say I had different problems and made fairly big changes which at first seemed fine but would lead me to having more problems than what I've had before. I have an asymmetry in my body but everyone believed it wouldn’t be a factor on the bike. But it resulted in me being diagnosed with iliac endofibrosis because I didn’t sit square on the saddle. Every time problems arose, I would resort to making my own changes which were more comfortable than these 'professional' bike fits but still had the occasional niggles here and there that always played on my mind.

Photo courtesy of  Roland Pipeleers

Photo courtesy of Roland Pipeleers

Late 2016, still suffering from some bike fit issues I had the chance to see Toby for a bike fit. I had read a lot of good things about the techniques which Toby uses when he does a bike fit and what the benefits were once your body had 'reset' and fully adapted to the new fit. Everything he did during the fit was completely different and more advanced to what I was used to having in a bike fit. But was thoroughly explained and made complete sense. I had an open mind to all the changes he made and even though it felt foreign during the settling in period I started to notice that I was feeling right at home on my bike. More relaxed, more fluid, more power.

His skills, communication and willingness to help you is second to none even long after the fit is over.  I would recommend any cyclist of any ability, casual through to professional, to see Toby for a session regardless of issues or not.