Eddie McLean

After 40 years cycling I had a my first bike fitting back in 2006 with Steve Hogg when he visited Singapore - what a difference that made, no more back pain, no more discomfort.

Ten years later in 2016, after knee surgery, some minor injuries and multiple other issues, discomfort crept back in and I knew I had to see Steve again. But he was in Australia and I was in Singapore, That’s when I found Toby at BikeFitAsia through Steve’s website. I couldn’t believe my luck, I had found a bike fitter in Singapore trained and recommended by Steve.

After an intensive afternoon’s session with Toby I rode away feeling I was on a different bike and initially unsure of the changes he made – however after a few days riding I had that big grin back on my face – my lower back pain was gone.

So when I decided to have a new frame built by Owen Byrne at Donard Bikes I went back to Toby to assist in getting the correct measurements and he and Steve communicated directly with Owen in finalizing the frame dimensions thus avoiding the risk of miscommunication through me. This bike fits like a glove. I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Toby